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July 29, 2013

Every day, thousands of people arrive at the University and expect to be able to log into computers, use the printers, access the internet, and connect to the wireless signal. Every day, the Information Technology department expects to provide those services.

There are times when it can appear as though the University hasn’t changed since it was first built. Then, seemingly without warning, you arrive on campus to discover that everything has changed. The IT department regularly has to change its services and protocols for the following reasons:

  • To fix a security vulnerability
  • To improve on very old systems
  • To keep up with demand

This blog aims to keep all members and visitors to the University informed of upcoming changes, as well as remind users of the various policies and protocols that govern the IT infrastructure.

Additionally, the IT blog will provide up-to-the-minute details of any planned or unplanned system outages that may be occurring. We aim to keep users informed of the work that is being carried out, and the expected time until services are restored.

The IT Blog, along with the main IT Site, aims to provide a substantial communication link between everyone at the University and the Information Technology department.

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