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Welcome to Fall 2016!

August 9, 2016

Information Technology realizes that after a short break there could be some things with your account and computer that have changed, or some policies that may have been forgotten.

Here is a useful list of things to help get your semester off to a great start:

Help Desk Expanded Hours

At the beginning of the semester, the Help Desk is open for extended hours.

  • Fall (first 2 weeks of semester): Mon – Thu 8am – 7pm; Fri 8am – 5pm; Sat – Sun 1pm – 5pm
  • Spring (first week of semester): Tue – Thu 8am – 7pm; Fri 8am – 5pm; Sat – Sun 1pm – 5pm

After the initial extended hours, the Help Desk then returns to regular operating hours.

New / Updated Services

NetID Password

Your NetID password expires every 365 days. This may have occurred while you were away. Look out for an email notification informing you of any upcoming expiration. Update your password on the NetID Management Site. Further NetID troubleshooting may be needed.

The Information Technology department will never ask you for your NetID password.


Watch out for malicious “phishing” emails. Learn the tell-tale signs to avoid becoming a victim.


While your computer was switched off, various scans and updates will have been queued. Therefore, your computer may run a little slower than usual while these tasks are completed. During this time, your computer may require multiple reboots.

New software for your computer may be downloaded from the Software Catalog. Some software licenses, such as SPSS and Adobe Creative Cloud, can be purchased centrally through Software Registration Portal.

General access computers and IT supported labs have been updated with a new base “image”. Contact IT Support for more information.

Windows 10

The latest Microsoft operating system is not currently supported by Information Technology. Do not purchase this operating system on new machines unless it is required and is not being used for business critical operations.

New Employees

Access to computing resources, including obtaining a NetID, is triggered automatically from the HRMS system. Get their details entered in to HRMS early to ensure they’ll have access on their first day.

If an employee needs access to HR or Financial data, please note a difference in application depending upon the access type.

Maintenance Schedule

Familiarize yourself with the Information Technology maintenance schedule and outage announcements to ensure that systems are not adversely affected or miss out on critical updates.

Stay Informed

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