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Making the Most of E-mail

December 16, 2013

To some e-mail is the lifeblood of their existence. To others, e-mail is an inconvenience that they are forced to use. However you use e-mail, there is always something that can be learned that will improve your performance (or give you extra time to deal with something more important). At the University of Nevada, there are many features of your e-mail account that can be discovered on the E-mail Training section of the IT site. These include:

  • How to connect your e-mail to many different e-mail clients.
  • How to set an out-of-office notification
  • How to archive your e-mail
  • How to set rules to automatically process incoming e-mail
  • How to send an encrypted e-mail
  • How to avoid and deal with spam messages
  • and more…

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