Information Technology Blog

October 4, 2013

Are you tired of scouring Google trying to figure out how to get Excel to sort your data?  Or, do you want to learn how to use video editing software, or start learning web development?   Look no further, and try using  As a member of the University, you have free access to tutorial videos on is an educational website offering high quality tutorial videos about a wide range of technology related concepts.  Just go to and sign in with your NetID username and password. is a web-based educational company, which offers tutorial videos about a wide range of technology, software and other concepts. videos offer practical information to help people use and learn new technology, software and business related concepts.  The videos range from beginner-level knowledge to advanced concepts.  For example, Lynda has videos about computer programming, teaching users to program in languages like C++ and Javascript.  Lynda has videos about web development, office applications, video and photo editing, business concepts, and even writing.  Professionals and experts in technology fields create the videos, so the information is high quality and in-depth.  For less technology-savvy people, you can use Lynda to get in-depth and expert knowledge about common applications like Microsoft Word and Excel.

The best part about Lynda is that University students and employees can access all the contents on the site for free.  Go to the site and sign in with your NetID username and password.  Normally, charges a monthly fee to access the tutorials, but as a University member you can access them for free.  So, it’s worth looking around on to find something interesting.